Sam Goree

About Me

My name is Sam Goree, I am an assistant professor of computer science at Stonehill College (as of Fall 2023), and an interdisciplinary scholar interested in computer vision, human-computer interaction and the digital humanities.

I have a PhD from the department of Informatics at Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering. My graduate advisor was David Crandall.

Specifically, I’m interested in ways of developing AI tools which are grounded in the philosophy and methods of the humanities. I think this is becoming increasingly important as both big data studies of culture and generative modeling are expanding our field into areas typically studied by humanists. I’m also interested in using humanistic approaches to think about the culture of computing in order to better understand the limitations of new tech.

During my PhD, I’ve explored these topics at the intersection of computer vision and the history of web design, and in the context of image aesthetic quality assessment. See here for some of my other projects!


Recent Publications

Correct for Whom? Subjectivity and the Evaulation of Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment Models. Samuel Goree, Weslie Khoo, David Crandall

Attention is All They Need: Exploring the Media Archaeology of the Computer Vision Research Paper. Samuel Goree, Gabriel Appleby, David Crandall, Norman Su

“It Was Really All About Books:” Speech-like Techno-Masculinity in the Rhetoric of Dot-Com Era Web Design Books. Samuel Goree, David Crandall, Norman Su

What Does it Take to Cross the Aesthetic Gap? The Development of Image Aesthetic Quality Assessment in Computer Vision

See my Google Scholar for a full listing.