My name is Sam Goree, I'm a recent graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, where I majored in computer science and musical studies, and am currently a graduate student at Indiana University. Welcome to my personal blog! I've used this site in the past to write about research projects I've worked on, and will continue to use it to document future work whenever I'm able.

The Problem With Beauty Equations

Over the past few months, I've been digging into a strange subfield of computer vision called "image aesthetic quality assessment. I've become absolutely infatuated with this research topic, not because I think that what they are doing is good or right, but because I think their work is a really good way to approach a difficult issue at the core of all the topics I study.

Sonifying the Melodramatic Life of my Roomba

I procedurally generated some musical accompaniment for a video taken from the perspective of my roomba!

So What Exactly Do You Do?

Hello again! I'm not sure who reads this blog (if anyone) but I've gotten the question a lot recently "so what exactly is it that you do?" and wanted to give a good answer, in full, somewhere.

History of Web Design Website

I made a little website on NeoCities to promote our recent CHI paper and wanted to post it here and point out some of the ideas behind my designs.

The Limits of AI Image Colorization: A Companion

I wrote a short article for As it's a website for a general audience, it's a quite short article without technical details. As a companion here, I wanted to write out some more of the details about deep learning algorithms for image colorization.