My name is Sam Goree, I'm a recent graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, where I majored in computer science and musical studies, and am currently a graduate student at Indiana University. Welcome to my personal blog! I've used this site in the past to write about research projects I've worked on, and will continue to use it to document future work whenever I'm able.

A Short History of Web Design

Over the past two years, I've been studying the history of web design. I wrote an article about our work for The Conversation, and wrote a post on this blog about some of that work, but I haven't actually written about the history there yet. The following is my 1500 word summary of the history of web design.

Probablistic Models of Color Harmony

I did a generative art project based on research into color theory!

CycleGANs and Mimesis

In my free time, I made some art with GANs

Can Neural Networks See Cuteness?

I was wondering whether neural networks trained to detect cute things actually understand cuteness. I did some experiments and found that the answer was "yes…sort of?"

Talking Mathematically About Color Schemes (Part II)

In this section, we're going to start by looking at how to measure the difference between two colors, then define what a color scheme is in our quantitative framework and look at ways of extending our way of measuring difference to color schemes.