My name is Sam Goree, I'm a recent graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, where I majored in computer science and musical studies, and am currently a graduate student at Indiana University. Welcome to my personal slice of the internet! I've used this blog in the past to detail an honors research project that I completed and some other miscellaneous work, and will continue to use it to document future projects of mine.

Can Neural Networks See Cuteness?

I was wondering whether neural networks trained to detect cute things actually understand cuteness. I did some experiments and found that the answer was "yes…sort of?"

Talking Mathematically About Color Schemes (Part II)

In this section, we're going to start by looking at how to measure the difference between two colors, then define what a color scheme is in our quantitative framework and look at ways of extending our way of measuring difference to color schemes.

Talking Mathematically About Color Schemes (Part I)

I've been busy with grad school recently, but I thought work I've done recently merited a blog post. I've been looking at changes in web design over time using image analysis, and we want to find metrics which capture why websites look similar to one another, and use those to identify design trends. In this line of inquiry, I ran into an interesting question, how do you measure the difference between two color schemes?

User Interfaces, Metaphors and Midi Keyboards

I've had some free time lately (I recently left my job at RTI and am starting a PhD at Indiana University), so I've been reading and programming for fun again. Some of that reading and programming tied itself nicely into a coherent project that I've written up below. If you just want to skip to the programming, I've made a webapp available here.

Self-Similarity Matrices and Xenakis

Now that I'm updating my blog again, it occurred to me that I never posted about my musical studies capstone thesis. Rather than post a bloggy version of the things I was thinking about, like I did while working on my honors research, I'm going to keep things brief and only discuss one of the computational methods that I used, which is a neat data visualization technique.